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In one episode of Star Trek, the captain walks into his quarters and says, “Computer, play some Jazz”…”no, a bit more upbeat”

This is already happening with intelligent speakers such as Alexa and Apple home speaker offering.

So, how about Ai during the production of music?

This will happen.

Imagine allowing something like IBM’s Watson to listen to a vast array of music, and music trends over the years, and then either product what will be in fashion next, or even compose something that will be fashionable in the near future. Watson had already made food recipes that are sometimes incredible.. sometimes scary sounding, but good tasting.

Imagine talking your computer through production. ” add some kinda African drums here.. take away the cymbals… ok, add those little finger bells instead… “

However, Ai would be able to guide the structure, by analysing everything that is current in todays music, and creating something complimentary.

The only problem might be, is if it becomes so popular that everyones uses it, and as there is no real ‘new’ human element in it, the music would gradually become narrower… or would it ?

There’s a great documentary series called ‘Everything is a Remix’ that covers where music has come from and the various influences along the way.

More recently Vox has been doing great musical coverage, showing the original behind certain sounds and the unlikely source of where some of the most iconic music samples came from.

Both of these show the gradual evolution of basically stealing… and re-stealing.. and that being stolen and incorporated into something else.

However, it will happen.