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Ok, Imagine a DJ, that’s not a DJ.. but is a large screen on-stage and some AI.

Imagine a nightclub, multiple cameras connected to the AI, recognising peoples appreciation or dislike of the current song. Imagine that the AI would be able to demographically & racially profile each person, and guessing what they’d potentially like, or recognise them form another event and know what they danced to previously, and serve up more of what the like.

Imagine that the ‘DJ’ visually would be a large screen on stage that is basically ‘performing’ – but it’s just animation.

Imagine that the ‘DJ’ would be able to create music in realtime that would be a cross pollination of the various types of people, basically creating custom realtime creations for THAT crowd.

Imagine the cameras seeing if there’s more people joining to dance.. or noticing a decline and rapidly changing the music.

Imagine the AI also ignoring certain data like people leaving as they have danced enough, or need a drink or the toilet.

Imagine the AI learning different DJs… what works, what doesn’t..


This is inevitable.