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Not far from now, we will be able to create look development and even complete 2D and 3D scenes without using any of the traditional or existing tools such as Photoshop or Maya.

There will be an Ai that will have a vast database of different art styles, 3d models, textures, scans, and of course intelligent access to the net.

We would either give it something to start with, even just a picture, and it would be able to extract a reasonable 3D scene out of it, and go onward from there.

It could be even simpler and be speech driven.

I can imagine the process being a little like this:

“I need the interior of a church… lots of light pouring in, nice. Ok, take the gargoyles that you usually see outside, and put them in the corners…. good. Ok, make the church bigger.. good.. and older… Get me some reference of old Italian church interiors..ok, use the 3rd one as a basis for the windows.. I need more ornate details..  Show me some stained glass windows…ok, use the one with all the saints in it… good..”

and then you don your VR headset to check out the details, and give more precise feedback.

This is not far away.