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There are some things that I feel are like little special weapons that I have, and there’s a part of me that’s almost reluctant to say anything about as it’s very very cool, and Ive spent all amounts of time customizing, which I’ve made available as a file here. I’ve got a right handed version in the works too!

Anyhow, the unit is called the x-keys, and nobody seems to know about it. It really is a great programmable keyboard that you can basicAlly do anything with. You can record many keystrokes, button presses, combinations, pressing and holding , or single strokes.
It has a bunch of osx shortcuts for doing things that are already in the ‘keyboard shortcuts’.

I have other non-editing things integrated for my easily distracted brain. I have one button that hides my dock, another that activates camouflage to hide my icons, and another to open spotlight

This keyboard is one of those things that you might see in the back of an editing magazine and simply go past, well you should really take a look. See how I have mine laid out.

It took me around 3 years of changing, and editing until I got to this configuration. It might seem obvious now, but it really was an evolution.

So, I recommend this unit. Spend the time getting it set up, and you will not regret it. This unit allows me to use the wacom pen in one had, and use the x-keys with my left. Right handed people would simply reverse this. I really don’t like using the mouse in FCP now.

Buy it, enjoy it !