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This unit is 3 times cheaper than the Euphonix system that would basically do what I needed.. Occasional mixing.

I like this unit, but it’s not perfect, but it is simple and works with logic Audio too.

It’s a tad bulky compared to the Euphonix, but it is only $200

The faders move fast, but in FCP they do tent to ‘clack’ down to zero in-between audio clips, in soundtrack pro and in logic the faders seems to be handled in a different way, and are almost silent… Weird.

It has got basic control buttons on it, but I found that I don’t use em as they aren’t placed really to be used, but more in situations where you need to.

Also the numbering on the tracks after track 8 is only shown by a single LED, and I found that you have to count manually to get to the desired track. It is possible to identify the track by looking at the layout of the faders, but it does slow you down, which is obviously the exact opposite of what a control surface like this is supposed to do.

However, it still is a bargain at the price, and a lot of people mix with less than 8 tracks, even though I rarely do.. And I still use this little unit.

However, when the time comes I might move this unit to another workstation and treat myself to the Euphonix, but until then I’ll use this unit everyday with a smile !