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Upon coming back from filming in Africa, I realized 3 things;

  1. we have 6TB of data to deal with
  2. one of the camera’s clocks was reset  and not in sync with the other camera.
  3. This was potentially a pain to fix.

A lot of the footage wasn’t interviews, and so when I thought of using ‘Pluralize’ It was with some interest when I started testing to find that it is not only great for interviews, but AMAZING, even when the camera’s are reasonably far apart.

What I also found out, after a while of taking 2 or 3 clips, knowing that they were from the same rough time, that I could actually grab DOZENS of clips and it would simply sort them all out. I put the setting to ‘try really hard’ and I went and had lunch. When I came back, my lovely little assistant editor ‘Plura’ (as I now call her) had organized all my clips . This literally saved me DAYS !!!

Singular Software ‘PluralEyes’

Also, there’s really not much of an interface, there’s only a few simple options that simply seemed to work !

There’s a few things they’ve really thought about, like ‘sequential clips’, and make multiclip.. very very handy.

Before things are synced they kinda look like this:

and then after using PluralEyes, everything is slipped into sync, and it even (optional) make the multiclip sequence too. If things don’t work, it’ll make another sequence showing the ones that it couldn’t figure out, but usually I delete them and try again but changing a few options.

like this.. which is the ‘clips are sequential’ one

Also, for those of you that use a separate recorder, Singular Software is coming out with ‘DualEyes’.. there’s a free Beta now !

This is a complete recommend.. indeed EVERYONE that uses 2 camera’s MUSt have this software…