GlideTrack – Slider

On my recent trip to Africa, we were working until the last minute on another project. Not leaving enough time for me to purchase additional items. Last year i didn’t have a slider, I used a trick for giving me very rough-n-ready slider results, if you did it enough times.
The internet to the rescue, or so I thought, I looked around at my various options and I realized that I’d not left enough time for anyone to deliver a slider too me.
Also, I was looking for something mechanically simple as possible. I was worried about anything belt or bearing driven as i knew we were going into the bush, and it would be dirty and we’d need to be traveling as light as possible.
I’d noticed the ‘GlideTrack’ previously and they have a great PTFE friction bearing. I also realized that that are based from my home country of Scotland.
Reading the purchasing and turnaround times I realized that I couldn’t get this one either, so I called the owner Alistair, and we came up with a plan to ship the unit directly to Africa.

Long story short: the unit arrived in Africa, a couple of days after we arrived, and worked perfect airtight out of the box.
It is very simple to put together, and quick to take apart when traveling. It’s a simple system that goes together with Allen bolts and that’s it.
Alistair is changing the way the rubber feet are attached, as they can be sheered off pretty easily. Also the support structures are very sturdy and a well made, if a little sharp on the edges at first.
I used this unit every day for 5 weeks, and it survived and performed very well in the dust , dirt and wind of Tanzania.
I put a Manfrotto head on it. The one that I usually use on my tripod and mono-pod, and it worked very well.

Here’s the deal. it isn’t a ‘bearing’ type of slider and quite a few people have asked me if it is smooth. Well yes, it is.. but make sure the unit is balanced and not front or back heavy.. This will ensure very smooth travel.
the unit can also be mounted vertically , giving you simple ‘boom’ type shots, that can really help break up the monotony of shots, if you only have a certain amount of equipment with you.
Overall, I highly recommend this unit, especially if you are a light traveller. The length that I got is the same length as my monopod and can therefore be strapped together on my backpack without problems.
Thanks again for Alistair for getting the unit out to me so quickly, and helping me out when time was running out.  Great customer service !!

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