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It is a game changer, but it shouldn’t be a ‘brain changer’.

There’s a fascination with this camera right now, but people seems to forget why. It’s image is amazing, and you can get fantastic shots & IN CERTAIN SITUATIONS , but not every situation.
e.g. The image is compressed, that means it tries to loose data in areas that are not going to be noticed, or areas that are not moving. ThIs compression is normal in almost every single compression method. So, if you take a scene of a face, with the background blurred, there’s only a certain amount of the shot that this sharp, and so it can save a lot of the data in the blurry areas, as they need less information. The result is that the face area looks awesome.
However, take the same camera and do a wide lens over a landscape, where everything is changing on every frame,and it can’t make the same efficiencies, and you start to notice a softening, or buzzing and you might even see artifacts like you see in a low quality JPG image.
So, when looking at storyboards, keep this in mind as this camera isn’t the best choice for every shoot. No camera is !

“That Canon… he’s sooo hot right now.”

So many times I’ve hear people saying up front, ‘We’ll be shooting this on the 5D’. this scares the shit out of me as they as preconceived ideas of what this camera can or cannot do. Therefore, they will be pleasantly surprised when it delivers amazing images, but then this will change when it doesn’t do something that’s quite ordinary.. like timecode, or have XLR plugs.. or HD out at all times.. constantly.