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…unless they have a history of production and used the camera EXTENSIVELY themselves.

I’ve heard of shoots, where there has been the most amazing dis-information given out; Some is ignorance, some simply hearsay, and others simply BS.
THIS HURTS PRODUCTIONS using the 5D and similar cameras.
In one instance, I saw a client being told that, ‘you can’t get video out of the 5D/7D whilst filming’ – this is not true.
Here’s the details, you can’t get an image on the small inboard monitor and an external at the same time
Solution: use a standard Marshal monitor ( that has an HDMI input ) and then use the output of the marshal to go to video village.
On the 7D it actually has more processing power than the 5 so it can output a true Hd signal, the 5D only puts out a standard definition signal.
Both cameras put out an HD signal on playback, but that’s not the point. The point is that this seemingly important information slipped by until the day of filming.
It pained me to hear that each of the clients took turns in peering into the onboard monitor.
More importantly; ‘video village ‘ style monitoring is so common, the producer could not be expected to know that these cameras had any issues in this area. This information unfolded after the client arrived on set, and was sitting in video village looking at a blank monitor.

Now, again , it’s not like they were trying to make the clients not look at the monitor, so they could actually film instead of being slowed down by unnecessary discussions.. that would have actually been a smart move.. No, this was even SLOWER, as they client each had to peer and look at the monitor, whilst someone pressed the play button.