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So hang on, I’ve wanted my MacBook pro to recognize my wacom pens for YEARS, but this is in reverse and it’s $99 and awesome ??

This thing is bonkers, I put one of the buttons to activate/deactivate and I’ve never looked back. It has a wide screen format which works very well with today’s monitors, and it has a surface that has a friction that is very similar to paper.

It’s a steal, and I can use it with both hands too. When I’m using it with my pen, I simply need to lift up, and then rotate the image, or scale it etc, and then continue to draw. It get very liquid simple.

Try using it with ‘Artrage’ and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Also, it’s incredibly cheap !!

Overall it simply does it’s job well. It has a low profile that sits before my keyboard.

UPDATE: apple introduces ‘magic pad’ and you can ONLY put it to the side of your keyboard. think different, as long as it’s the same as us 🙂 it’s a nice unit, but not a patch on what the wacom offers for the same price.