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A long time ago, when 12mb or even 8mb was considered a decent amount of memory, I was lucky enough to be brought onto a team of young and crazy talented people let by Martyn Brown and Debbie Bestwick. This was Team17 and the project was ‘Worms’.

I was brought ont the project by my friend John Allardice, and we worked alongside each other developing the ideas, and making it happen. We did sound design modeling, animation, texturing, rendering and editing the pieces together. Bjorn Lynne created the music.
Worms was a massive success and we were #1 during the Christmas period.

When worms 2 came along, the stakes were higher and a few years had passed, so the worms were re-designed, and animation goals were much higher, and the time constrraints the same.
Once again, designing and pitching the ideas, making the storyboards, modeling the new worms and envioronments, with incredible help from Rory McLeish, Rory Little, and Mark Taylor.

From there we worked on Project X2, an update from the popular R-type varient ‘Project X’

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