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Metadata is becoming increasing important; the more data that we have the more it is easier to be overwhelmed by it.

However there is a problem that it is now easier than ever to tip the balance and have so much data, it’s difficult to get to the information.

Metadata is, I feel, the future for finding and organizing all of our terabytes of data.

I’ve just come back from Africa and I have 6TB of data to wade through so I thought this would be a good time to put metadata, or ‘tagging’ to good use.

Max OSX already has it’s own tagging/metadata service. It’s Spotlight and it’s pretty darn good. However, when it comes to tagging a lot of data and then it being used outside of the OSX envioronment… not so good. This is why Google came up with their own, and open source, and independent version of tagging called ‘open-meta’. It’s gaining all sorts of popularity and now all the popular tagging systems on the mac have basically abandoned Spotlight and headed over to ‘openmeta’

There are 4 main contenders: ‘Tag Browser’, ‘Tags’ , ‘Tagbot’ and ‘Leap’

Video to follow asap.