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For the Christmas Festive season, Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) required a new Don’t Drink & Drive campaign. The campaign was meant to remind consumers if they drink and drive, they may lose their lives. The message was echoed on a 360 media execution that includes social media as well as below the line activators in key outlets across Nairobi.
“We wanted to run an edgy campaign that would target our consumers in Kenya to support ongoing efforts by the local law enforcement authorities to curb drunk driving. Our goal was to develop an initiative that would move our consumers from awareness to behavior change,” said Eric Kiniti, Corporate Relations Director, KBL.

“The challenge was to develop messaging that creates relevance in a plain and hard-hitting manner. What we are saying in this campaign is that if you drink and drive, dying won’t be the worst thing that happens to you, your friends and loved ones will eventually move on,” he added.

The campaign received rave reviews on social media sparking the right yet tough conversations among consumers on the topic of ‘drink-driving’. Barely a week after going live, the TV commercial was accepted on the international advertising archive – Ads Of The World and is the first Kenyan TV advertisement on this platform.