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So, I lot of my work is either vfx work, or vfx based commercials. My GoodMakers work is documentaries, and so I don’t usually have the need to use any fancy plugins. Whenever I do I always remember the ‘Simpsons’ episode where Homer is editing, and he only uses the ‘star’ wipe….”STAR WIPE”….

So, I guess, in a way, my thoughts on plugins like these wasn’t so favorable. However, after editing a promotional piece for GT tires, I’ve come to have a new found respect for plugins such as these.

Enter SUGARfx.

These plugins caught my eye straight away as literally the default color scheme matched the red cat I was filming. However, these colors are easily changed. Overall this plugin package is great as there are many options, and a good deal of wipes that aren’t so obscure that you can only use them in a limited amount. Now, saying that, it’s seems pretty clear that they had cars, or racing sports of some kind in mind when they designed ‘Punchline’, as they work straight out of the box, as it were.


However, I don’t know if I would have found the SUGARfx line of plugins if it weren’t for FxFactory from noise industries. This is basically an app-store for plugins for FCP7, FCPx, and AfterFx too. They plugins are all in the same place, which mean you can try them out, watch tutorials etc.




A little more on FxFactory

I’ve found the FXFactory app to be incredibly helpful. Not only am I able to find a lot of different sourced plugins available under one roof, I also feel that they have gone through some sort of stringent process as the quality of all the plugins here is very high.

The installation (after I installed FxFactory) was simple. Also, if you’ve bought a lot of plugins and you’d rather not have an endless list of the lesser used ones, I’ve found it very simple to switch them off. This is also enhanced within the app by making all the un-active plugins a simple grey color. Clearly showing only the active ones.. It’s this kind of clear thinking that show there’s been a good amount of bought put into this interface and the plugins that are gathered there.

This simplicity is also carried out into activating trial/demo versions of the plugin, and also entering serial numbers once you’ve decided to purchase (just one more) plugin.

Interface inside FCPx

From within FCPx, you will find the ‘SUGARfx Punchline’ in the Titles, Transitions & Themes area of the effects browser area.

No surprises here, you drag the plugin you want onto the clip you want to apply it to.. wait a second, do a little scrubby to see that you’re all good and you’re done.

One thing that is clear to see, is that there has been a lot of thought put into the overall speeds of the various plugins, as the speed of the motion of the plugin is good and linear and therefore even having 2 plugins close together on an edit, doesn’t give you a jarring feel to it all. This makes the plugins far more usable.



Not too much, not too little, just enough to give you control and options without becoming a burden to itself.


Again, there’s been a good amount of thought put into this. There are just enough controls so that you don’t get overburdened with too many finicky controls and not end up using them. The plugin invites you to play and see what happens.

Here’s a wee review ‘xplainin’ things