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As a new product, this campaign had to make an impact, look pretty and bring some ‘chic’ to the brand. Directing this commercial involved a lot of research into what would telegraph well on the screen and testing the varying amounts of distortion the ripples and water gave to the fruit . The client wanted a time-lapse look. However, upon researching time lapse fruit, this looked rather unappealing. Also as the product contains no real fruit juice, for example we couldn’t color the fruit to represent the strawberry. So we decided to aim for the iconic shape of the fruit and add as many natural and nice looking time-lapse references into the reflections of the fruit; adding a sunset sequence gave us enough red for the strawberry, and adding a sunrise gave a nice blue shade to the grape. We also did a few film-like tricks, like adjusting the exposure on each frame and having a little pin registration error here and there.