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Man have I been waiting for this.

This app allows you FAR more control.. I’m using it as the DEFACTO video app – 24FPS !!!

  • selectable frame rates
  • selectable (and adjustable whilst videoing) focus
  • same for aperture
  • great sharing options too
  • Variable Frame Rates (1-25 and 30fps) including both the US (24p) and European (25p) film production standards.
  • Four Selectable Resolutions (iPhone 4 or 4th Gen iPod Touch).
  • Framing Guide Overlays (4:3, 16:9, & 2:35.1).
  • Thirds Guide for help with compositions.
  • Audio Metering.
  • Color Bars for Post Production.
  • Film Production Style Slate for adding info to your clips, syncing dual system audio, and organizing your clips.

It’s a tad quirky on my iPhone 3GS though.. however, on an iPhone 4 it’s smooth sailing.

I LOVE THE 2-POP !!!!!

The more I play with this, the more I love it..

Grab this app from the App store NOW !!