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The creative process is what drives me – I enjoy the journey of creating ideas, developing them, and executing them.

Here’s a bio, written in the 3rd person, so it doesn’t sound like I am saying these things.

Cris is a Emmy nominated director of commercials, TV and documentaries, as well as a 3D animator, editor and Visual Effects Director.  With a technical and artistic career spanning over 20 years, he is considered an industry pioneer.

Cris started in photography when he was 5, and was introduced to computers at the early age of 8 giving him a keen advantage at the time. Cris’s early work was in the UK at Team17, where he along with a young team pioneered the use of 3D cinematic sequences for video games, and was an integral part of the original game ’Worms’ franchise, which is still going today.

Cris was then recruited by the renowned Los Angeles based studio Digital Domain, working on feature films and commercials, where he was part of the team that pioneered the use of photorealistic CG car commercials, an industry first at the time. Cris ultimately became a vfx supervisor and director, and only left Digital Domain to be the creative director at Riot/Method studios in Santa Monica.

Cris was one of the first owners of a Red Cinema camera, and pushed it’s use within the industry, helping to mature its software and workflows for fellow industry professionals.

During his time as creative director of Riot/Method studios, Cris worked on many high end TV & film projects along with a lot of vfx based commercial work, directing projects for global brands such as; Disney, EA Sports, NBA-Midway, Gatorade, Cisco, Ericsson and Michelin.

During his years he has received numerous accolades. Notably he was nominated for an Emmy for his work on the IBM Watson/Jeopardy project. Most recently receiving the “StudioDaily Top50 2018” award, acknowledging 50 global pioneers across multiple disciplines in the TV & Film industry.

Cris has consulted for industry names like Red Cinema, Canon, Apple , Newtek, Avid & Sony to offer advice on future equipment hardware and software designs. Often giving Cris unreleased prototypes of hardware & software before public release.

When I’m not behind a camera, you’ll probably find me here in my ‘Man Cave’. I love creating music.. some of which appears in some of my commercials… shh..don’t tell my clients.

Now living in Nairobi, Cris co-founded ‘Whats Good Studios‘ and amongst other things, has trained the creative staff , consults TV companies for set design, title/intro design, vfx set supervision & vfx/post produciton workflow.