Emmy Nomination !

What an amazing honour !

I was nominated for an Emmy for my work on the IBM Watson/Jeopardy project ! Although I didn’t win, it was still an amazing night.

I was really suprised that a few people spotted a tiny detail that I put into the ‘Chess’ spot. Those chess moves were the ones by IBM’s ‘Big Blue’ computer, the chess computer which dealt the fatal blow to Gary Casparof.

I’m happy that these commercials were so well received, and the project such a huge success, indeed the series of ‘Watson’ shows were the most viewed in Jeopardy history. 

NOVA TV made a documentary to compliment the project, and they visited us on the set during the filming. Alex Trabeck was supposedly known to have little time for such commercials, however I found the exact opposite, he was very easy to work with and was willing to do extra takes, and try new things. Indeed, after the commercials were completed, he called to congratulate the production company on  a job well done.

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