I LOVE making things, I’ve always made things, I can’t really settle if I’m not really able to create things as I go.

I feel that’s why I end up playing with everything, be it images, video, sound or music.
Before I came to the US, I worked in lots of different places around the world, but I’m still amazed what we can all learn from each other, and also how much we all have to learn. The US itself feels like 50 different countries, and I never feel like I’m seeing enough.
I like trying new things also, I was one of the first adopters to use 35mm lens adaptors with HD cameras. One of the early buyers of the Red camera, and when the next generation of HDSLR’s arrived, I was there on day one. On day 2, I slapped a 40 year old manual Nikon lens on it and shot a commercial.
Now, I’m in Kenya, and a whole new set of challenges.
So, lets make some new stuff !